I would like to highly and without any reservations recommend Richard and his company Baron’sJet Tec to any individual or business in need of their services. I have had the pleasure and experience of working with them on 2 occasions. The first was an emergent situation with my home and he was able to scope and clean the pipes to get everything working for me until they could return and do the full scope and jetting of the pipes.

Richard’s communication and conduction of his business was impeccable as well as his son co worker. It was a tremendous relief and such a pleasure to find a company that cared about me as an individual and situation on both experiences with them.
I know not one thing about plumbing and/or the mechanics of the business but I do know what excellent customer service is and Richard and his company demonstrated excellent communication, professionalism, honesty, and timeliness.

Thank you Richard and company and if the need arises or I need to recommend a company it will without a doubt be Baron’s.
Thank you again.


We were very pleased with the work of Richard Baron when we called to have him inspect our sewer system. He let us watch the camera work through the pipes so that we could see any problems that were there. We found him totally honest and very fair. We would highly recommend his services.

David and Gayle Paben

Sarasota, Florida


My HOA was offering a discount from a different Hydro Jet Company to have our Condominium sewer pipes videoed.   I took advantage of the “deal” but I just had a bad feel about the video and the proposed $3000 fee for the “necessary” work.

So I called in a highly regarded, licensed Plumber to review the video and future work charges.  The Plumber was concerned by what I had been told and suggested that I bring in Baron’s Jet Tec LLC for another opinion.  The Plumber said that I could 100% believe what Richard Baron tells me.

In a very timely manner (the next morning!) Mr Baron reviewed my video and proposed work estimate.  I told him that I was okay with paying him for another video if he felt it would be helpful or necessary.  He said that the supplied video was adequate and repeating it unnecessarily could cause damage.  He also noted that to correctly video the sewer pipes you MUST access through the sewer lines, NOT the roof air vents lines, as was performed on mine by the other Hydro Jet Company.

Thank goodness I got a 2nd opinion and it was from a reputable company like Baron’s Jet Tec!   Not only did I NOT have to pay for a 2nd  video but he said NOTHING AT ALL needed to be done at this time, and possibly not for MANY YEARS!  Mr Baron said that even if  I INSISTED that Baron’s Jet Tec do the work that the other company said was NECESSARY, he would REFUSE.  Doing so could easily, and most likely, cause problems much sooner, if not immediately, leading to VERY COSTLY repairs, ultimately resulting in my floors needing to be dug up and repiped!

Mr Baron also felt strongly that this new interrupted  “sleeve” technology was an inadequate and temporary repair and should be avoided.  If you need to fix it then fix it right the first time and repipe.  The Plumber told me this too.

Mr Baron also recommended to me what to do if I ever did have a problem with my sewer pipes.  He laid out a step by step plan of action.  Interestingly, NONE of which involved him or his company profiting from any of the work!

WOW!  Talk about HONESTY!  Thank goodness that a reputable Plumber was able to guide me straight to Richard Baron and Baron’s Jet Tec for a second opinion!  I feel very BLESSED that I not only didn’t throw my $3000 away but I also didn’t cause unnecessary damage to my sewer pipes incurring potential BIG DOLLAR and MESSY repairs!

Happy Babbish

Sarasota, Florida


Richard and his son were fantastic.They scoped my pipes as I was concerned of the age of house and condition of my pipes,as they worked I watched and learned.I was excited to see they were still in pretty good shape.Fantastic and honest people!!! Thank you.

Robert McClay

Sarasota, Florida


I would highly recommend Baron’s Jet Tec.  I have worked with Richard Baron on several different occasions.  He helped me navigate issues with two rental properties after his visual inspection services at both houses.  That was four years ago.  Because I had the visual inspections in my file and with Richard’s guidance, I was able to have the City of Sarasota investigate and take ownership of the tree root situation causing a stoppage at the property.  The City is now cleaning out and replacing the connection pipe to alleviate the problem.  This company is honest and fair.  It’s a blessing to know there’s still a company around who care about their customers. 

Cass Bowen

Sarasota, Florida


Richard, Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you to your amazing team!

We are in the process of moving our business, Car Chemistry Auto Body & Painting into new larger facilities in Venice, FL. The building is older, so we were having the sewer lines checked to ensure we were able to install new restrooms for our customers, visitors, vendors and our team. Easy task you would believe but we had more than one plumber as well as the city come to inspect our lines but all were unsuccessful in locating where our existing lines were exiting the building and which city line they were tied to for drainage. After the plumber and the city were unsuccessful with their methods and different cameras, I was referred to Richard at Baron’s Jet Tee in Sarasota. I was told if there was anyone that could determine where the lines were located it was Richard and his team at Baron’s. If I forgot to mention, the prior people inspecting the lines spent over 8 hours combined to come to a dead end and basically telling us they had no answers and that more than likely our lines had been capped, though we did not have any backup water from running it for several hours with dye.

I called Richard on Wednesday evening, left him short message and he returned my call Thursday morning. After spending a few minutes on the phone with me to assess the issue, he said he liked a good challenge. He told me that if he could not find where the existing lines tied into the city sewer system, there would be no charge. He mentioned that they were backed up with work and asked how important this was to get done and after some discussion about our moving plans, he said his team was in Englewood and would stop by to see if they could find the lines.

They showed up before 11am on Thursday to begin their work to locate the lines. Tim and his team were extremely professional and got right to work on locating the sewer lines. After an hour, his team had a track on the line and were able to locate exactly where the line was draining to the city and tied into the city sewer line. I may make this sound as it was easy, but I can tell you this line had many twists and turns but Tim and his team were extremely methodical in their approach to solving this mystery.

We now fully understand where our sewer lines are located and all are marked on the ground for future reference. Earlier this morning, we did not know where to turn and what next steps to take since we had several sewer line locating experts come to a self- proclaimed dead end. Richard and his team have defined themselves as the true experts in this field. After his team left, I received a call from Richard just to check to make sure I was smiling after they were successful and to talk about the next steps in our process to get viable bathrooms in our facility. He was particularly gracious on how best to proceed to ensure we took the right direction with updating the lines to serve the business for years to come.

Again, I want to thank Richard and his team for their commitment to excellence, perseverance and tremendous customer service. Richard could have easily stated they were too busy to take on another job, but he wanted to help another small business. We are extremely appreciative for the work they did and will be forever grateful to Richard and his team. Baron’s Jet Tee will be the only team we will ever call for locating or cleaning out lines in the future and they will be referred by us forever into the future. We have already recommended them to a neighboring business with the same issues.
Thank you again and again!

Thank you again and again!
Brian L. Kirkham, Owner
Car Chemistry Auto Body & Painting

What an absolute relief it was to find a company, Baron’s Jet Tec, that consistently
demonstrate honesty, integrity, and professionalism in all they do!

All things plumbing are over my head. Living in a home that is more than 50 years old plumbing issues are bound to arise. Approximately 7 years ago, we experienced a plumbing nightmare and called out Michael Douglas Plumbing to service the line. After clearing the blockage, they suggested that our pipes were old and cracked and needed to be lined. At the time we were not prepared financially for such an expense nor absolutely sure that we needed to take such a drastic measure. We decided to take the “wait and see” path and amazingly have not had a problem since.

Recently we decided it was time to replace our flooring but before that we needed to decide what to do about that pipe before putting down the new floor. With the memory of a cracked pipe always in the back of our mind, we called around asking for options and suggestions. They were about 50/50, some felt that digging up the floor would be the best long-term situation and others felt that the lining would work fine. Again, I just didn’t know what to do. I checked online for a highly rated plumber and found Wimpy Plumbing, they came out and ran a camera down the line and proposed that we did not have any damage or cracks and only needed the pipe to be milled. Boy, this was great news, now the price on the repair was cut in half. The technician was fantastic and seemed to know his business well. But still I was just unsure what to do.

A dear friend referred us to Richard Baron, owner of Baron’s Jet Tec. After our first conversation I felt reassured that we finally had the right person to help us make our decision. He was so knowledgeable on plumbing and went through all the scenarios he might find explaining the pros and cons of each option. Richard sent his technician, Tim, out to video the pipe and right away contacted me to let me know that he did not find any issues in the pipe. He went over the video footage with us and just couldn’t find any reason to go any further. In fact, he felt that we didn’t need to do anything to the pipe at all. He gave me a copy of the video for our records as well, something we didn’t get from anyone else.

Baron’s Jet Tec should be on your speed dial, with them you can count on honest and professional service every time!

Lydia Patton

We were contemplating purchasing a home in Florida. We could not be present for the inspection as we live in Connecticut. That said – i was quite impressed with the service given by Richard at Baron’s Jet Tec. Not only did he give a report but he also contacted us to go over the video. inspection. Richard went into quite detail in explaining the video and what we were reviewing. He was very patient with me in the number of questions that i had for him regarding the condition of the sewer pipe. Richard explanations were easily understood as i am not well verse in this area. He provided sufficient information so that we could speak intelligently with other individuals and make an informed decision. In the end we did not complete the purchase of the home savings us time and significant dollars.

I typically don’t write reviews but in this case he spent significant time in answering all my questions as well as he made a follow up call a day later. I felt that Richard went well beyond what other providers would have done.

Many thanks,

To whom it may concern: It is with great pleasure that I would recommend Baron’s Jetting Service. I have had the privilege to work with them this past year. They displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and kept me up to date and provided excellent customer service with incredible documentation and explanation of services rendered. They are definitely the leader in providing jetting/drain services. The technicians performed services in a professional and courteous manner doing any follow up necessary to ensure compliance.

Their service ensures a logical and practical approach to their endeavors.

They would be an asset to any organization, and I would highly recommend them.

Cathy Kelley,
No Extra Charge Inc.

Too few people take the time to recognize honest business practices, so I would like to offer a very positive reference for Richard Baron and his company Baron’s Jet Tec! I am the President of the Board for Saybrook Manor Condo Association, and we discovered that the kitchen stack cast iron pipe, in two units out of 42, had deteriorated and were leaking between the walls of the first and second floor units. I called Mr. Baron in a panic, because we were only a few days away from having a meeting with all the owners, and having had no experience with a problem like this, I needed an expert opinion. My though was to have a company run a camera down each of the remaining 19 stacks and find out exactly where we stood. Mr. Baron, and his son, come to Saybrook two days later, looked at the structure of our buildings, and the pictures of the two pipes that had been discovered and simply said “I could scope your stacks, but I could not take your money for something that I can tell you without a camera. If two out of three of your buildings have stacks that have deteriorated to the point where they need to be replaced, there is no chance the rest of them are not in the same condition”. I cannot tell you how grateful we were for his honesty and integrity … in my ten years on the Board … I have never had anyone try to help us, and NOT take our money! I would recommend this company, without reservation, and so did the plumbing company who recommended them to us. Please call if you need more information (941) 223-0905

Alexis Blakley,
Board President of Saybrook Manor

Richard Baron has performed jet cleaning service for us on commercial and residential buildings for the last 13 years. He has proven to be dependable, thorough and professional on all levels which leaves my clients extremely impressed and satisfied with our service. Richard’s experience and can do attitude provides me with confidence and peace of mind when I cannot be on the jobsite. I have seen him clean piping in areas that I thought would not be accessible which is an indication of his ingenuity and persistence as well as having the right equipment that is necessary to do the job properly. His equipment is well maintained and always in good working order. The high tech video equipment provides very clear picture and his narration and footage counter makes what you are looking at easy to understand.

As far as I am concerned, I truly believe that Richard along with his right hand man Loyd, are the only ones to call when you need a pipe cleaned right the first time!

Seth Hill
Hill & Hill Plumbing Co.

I wish to express my gratitude for the excellent professional way you handled my sewer problem. Your coordinating the services of the plumber and the Nokomis septic tank services was very helpful.
The video of the camera exploration along with your explanation is valuable in determining the measures that need to be done to correct the problem.
I feel very fortunate having had the opportunity meeting you at Casa Blanca where you have given such good service to the condo association.

Harry W. Soward

I have worked with Richard Baron and his company for over 15 years in my career at Florida Cities Water Company (FCWC), and Sarasota County Utilities. Richard is the definition of professional. His dedicated service and vast knowledge are second to none in the business.

At FCWC Baron’s Jet Tec was used for our monthly cleaning schedule in our problem areas of the franchise, he kept our system running smooth and problem free for years. It never was too early or too late to call his company out to pressure jet a clog, keeping the wastewater off the street and out of the storm drains. Sometimes it seemed as though this guy never needed any sleep!

While using his camera, Richard saved us more time and money by being able to pinpoint the breaks in the pipe for easy repairs without digging up the whole line.
I would use and recommend Richard Baron and his company Baron’s Jet Tec to any and all. Thanks again Richard for your professionalism and friendship!

Mike Young <><
Young Guns and Safety LLC

We have been using Baron’s Jet Tec now for 7yrs and they have always been very professional, knowledgeable and clean. This is extremely important for making a life long customer which we set out to do from the start, so it is great when you can team up with a subcontractor that has these same goals in mind. Makes for a great team on every job when your working together not against each other. We would recommend Baron’s to anyone and do so without question! Thanks for the great service Baron’s!

Stephan Spanninger
Spanninger Plumbing Inc.

I have been working with Richard and Lloyd ( Baron’s Jet Tec ) for Approximately six years. They are a pleasure to work with, always on time, courteous and professional and comedic. If you need jetting/camera work done and done right, I highly recommend Baron’s Jet Tec.

John Kennedy
Citrus Plumbing of Venice, Inc.

During the summer of 2009 we found it was necessary to clean out the kitchen drain stacks for our four high-rise and two mid rise buildings. We had experienced a number of backups that resulted in damage to several units.
It was suggested that we contact Baron’s Jet Tec to assist us as they have the ability to not only clean the drain stacks, but also view the interior of the drain with specialized camera equipment. They worked in conjunction with our plumbing contractor, Ron Horn Plumbing.
Both Baron’s Jet Tec and Ron Horn Plumbing did an excellent job for us. They were able to jet two drain stacks per day and provide video of the condition of the interior of the drain stack both before and after the cleaning. Both crews were professional, courteous, and left the property in the same condition they found it each day.
I would not hesitate to recommend Baron’s Jet Tec for any pipe jetting or Ron Horn for any plumbing needs. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call.

Bill Lutes, LCAM
Grand Bay Community
Beth Callans Management Corp.

Picture yourself as a Condo Property Manager or a member of the Board charged with the delivery and execution of a plan to remediate your Condo’s Sanitary Sewer System originally constructed in the 60’s with cast iron piping. Without the proper approach and equipment you can’t see the problem, but you know it’s there because over the last 5 years there have been “incidents” and specific owner’s and their insurance company’s are beginning to question “what’s being done by the Condo Association to address the problem”.

For The Casa Blanca Apartments and Villas on Siesta Key the answer to what parts of the Sanitary Sewer System needed to fixed first and then second and so forth came when we engaged Richard Baron and Baron’s Jet Tec to video the inside of each Villa and Apartment sewer line. Once we had an accurate and pinpoint diagnosis of our problem we were able to assemble a reliable team of vendors to address our “pipe problem”. With Ricard Baron’s ongoing guidance and input we were also able to begin to execute a multiple year plan that will replace cast iron (and some ot already lined) with PVC pipe. Baron’s Jet Tec saved us time and money and we would recommend them as the “best first step” towards remediation of your sanitary sewer system. With Richard Baron’s experience as a former licensed plumber with his own company, he comes with unparalleled expertise.

Lee Piver
2010 Casa Blanca Association Board of Directors
Treasurer and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Plumbing Committee.